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Reggie MaGee

About RMG

Reggie is a veteran musician and singer/composer.  Like most real vocalists Reggie has been singing since he was a child. He has been referred to as the "Industry Standard" in male vocals by noted producers in the music industry.   Despite the demise of TM Records, a label he was signed to in the 90's, Reggie's debut album "He's Always Standing There" released on the label, was well received by the Christian music community.  The album was recommended by Ebony Magazine and gained him a nomination for a Gospel Excellence Ministries Award for Best Male Vocalist.  "I would consider my style to be a combination of Urban/ Contemporary Christian lyrics with an aggressive urban music style," says Reggie.  He has also worked with noted artists like Dr. Leonard Scott and TYSCOT Records as both a vocalist and songwriter.

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